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This game is a crafting/management based game where the player roleplays as an alchemist in the world of magic as he tries to keep his business up by crafting magical items and devices for his customers. Players will have to craft new items, potions, devices, and creatures in order to fill the quota of their commission while also micro-managing their business profits and monthly rent. Consult your spell-book for new elements to create an even greater variety of potions. Consult with your landlord to earn more time to pay off your rent and finish quest to earn money. This is a demo of the game and may or may not be completely finished. Parts of the game like new elements and new potions are not included in this version. This is also our very first game. We submitted this project as a demo for our Game Design Class. Please provide any feedback you can. We'd like to improve this design and create a different version of this game. Thank you.

Magic Spawn

Game Designer: Omar Menafee

Programmers: Brandon Carlisle, David Mack

Artist: Mikayla Wells

Music Director: Michael Okon

Sound Designer: Omar Menafee, David Mack

Install instructions

Open/Extract all from the zip file and click on the application. There is a read.me with cheat codes and an licensing file that is optional reading.


CraftBrew_v3.3_Demo.zip 30 MB

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